How to Save the Environment at Home :: (Part-III)


                                                    How to Save the Environment at Home 

                         In The Garden
   1. Plant native species. They need less watering, are hardier (hence, less products
       needed to protect them) and they attract the local wildlife.

   2. Plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide shade. They provide homes for
      wildlife and some trees can provide you with a bountiful harvest. What more incentive do
      you need?!

   3. Reduce the lawn. Either reduce your lawn size or remove it altogether. Lawns are costly
      to maintain, the chemicals used on lawns are dangerous to our health and to that of the
      surrounding wildlife and lawnmowers emit high levels of pollution. Replace lawns with
      shrubs, ornamental garden structures, pavers for entertainment areas, native grasses and
      ground creepers etc. In addition, what's better than being able to step outside and pick a
few strawberries or an ear of corn? Increase your own resilience by converting wasted
      lawn space into a vegetable garden. Consider using drip-irrigation systems or constructing
      or purchasing a rain barrel (it saves you having to pay to pump water back into the ground).

   4. Compost. Compost the kitchen scraps and create beautiful garden matter to encourage
      better plant growth. Make sure the heap is warm and well-turned. Read a few books about
      composting. It's rare to find someone highly skilled in the area! Remember, soil is a living
      thing, it should not be powdery and dead. Life comes from the soil, and therefore the soil
      should be kept alive. Avoid highly invasive tilling if at all possible, but be sure to keep the soil
                                              In the Home Office

  1. Use recycled paper in your home office and printer. Double side your printing and
      give scrap paper to the kids or turn it into note paper for the phone table.

  2. Turn off the computer every day. Even if it feels like it is not making much of a
      difference, it is. You also reduce any risks of overheating or short circuiting by turning
      computers off overnight.


     ######## Good Environment is the basic need for everyone in this world.#########

     ######## For creating Environment we all need to contribute in this mission.#######


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